Vertical Blinds - Elegant Window Furnishings
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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds or “Office Blinds” (as they are commonly known as in Ireland) are actually not boring at all!

Elegant Window Furnishings offer an extensive collection of 89mm (3”) wide vertical blinds with exciting styles, textures and colours to compliment your room, especially the ones with big sliding doors. Whilst often referred to as ‘Office Blinds’, Elegant Window Furnishings would consider Vertical Blinds to be a very practical choice in hard fabric blinds as they enable you to control light and privacy effectively, are durable and also insulate well against the heat and cold. With the wide range of colours and fabric textures available today, calling them ‘office blinds’, in our opinion, is an ‘injustice’.

Our range also includes Solid PVC, both rigid and flexible, are Vertical Blinds that offer extra strength and durability and can be simply wiped clean. These are particularly useful on large doors where pets are present and in kitchens where a lot of cooking with oil is undertaken. They are commonly used in industrial applications.

Vertical Blinds and Pleated Blinds are the only blinds that can effectively fit into angled windows as seen below.

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